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Dec-Apr / 2019
Project Identity
        The project documents thoughts and ideas on selfhood and the way it interacts with the world. Using a variety of media, Identity poses important to me questions about sexuality, gender and relationships. Do you eroticize lesbianism? Should families divide household chores equally? Do you think men are allowed to be emotional? Do you believe in life after love?
        When I lived in Russia, my name used to be Nastya. When I moved away I started going by Anastasia, because no one could pronounce Nastya correctly. People would try calling me Ana, but I didn’t let them. When I got my first design job, my boss started calling me Ana. I was so afraid that I would get fired for my lack of skill, so I never corrected them. Soon enough Anastasia, Nastya and Ana were three different people. Nastya and Anastasia became people I had been very close with, but we didn’t talk as much anymore. And Ana, she became a blank page I filled with whatever I wanted. On 11/04/19, two years since I’ve unwillingly changed my name, I was presenting this project at my grad show. I introduced myself as Ana for the first time, and it felt right.